Because safety for you and our staff comes first, we took measures to welcome you the best way we can:

Specific sales conditions :

For any booking made directly with our services (hotel website, mail or phone), our sales conditions are more flexible :

  • Flexible rates :
    • 30% deposit at the time of the booking
    • Cancellation with no penalties until 3 days prior to arrival
    • Modification allowed until 3 days prior to arrival upon availabilities

All these facilities and services may be adjusted according to the governmental recommendations.


In accordance with governmental restrictions, you must have a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate to access spa area from 21st of July 2021.

From 1st of August 2021, you must present a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate to access bar & restaurant.


The hotel commits to fully refund the amounts already paid in case of cancellation for a reason related to COVID 19* such as:

  • You or a person staying with you at the hotel has been infected with COVID 19 within 10 days prior to arrival.
  • You live in an area where lockdown is in effect until at least the day before your stay and this prevents you from visiting our hotel.
  • You live in a region or country that imposes a quarantine period after your stay in our region and this prevents you from going to our hotel. The restriction measures must still be effective the day before the customer’s stay.
  • Travel restrictions are imposed by the French authorities with an obligation of quarantine for travellers coming from the country where the guest lives (to be applicable quarantine must be mandatory – not applicable in case of voluntary quarantine). Restriction measures must still be effective the day before the customer’s stay.
  • Travel restriction measures are imposed by the French authorities with a prohibition to travel beyond a certain perimeter. Restriction measures still be effective the day before the customer’s stay.
  • Closing of the hotel in connection with COVID-19 and if the hotel is unable to relocate the customer to another establishment on the same date**.


*A receipt will have to be provided to the hotel.

** This closing must result from a situation in which services related to the tourism industry are interrupted or which does not allow an effective and normal occupation of the reserved room following an administrative decision.


For all cancellations requested before this date and for which cancellation fees apply, the hotel reserves the right to offer you a voucher in accordance with decree no. 2020-315 of March 25, 2020.


To protect yourself and others from Coronavirus :

  • Respect social distancing
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your arm or use a disposable tissue
  • Wash your hands very frequently or use hydroalcoholic lotion
  • Avoid close contact when greeting people
  • Respect circulation directions in common areas.


Also, we adapted our services for you :

  • Hydroalcoholic lotion will be at disposal in the entrance and at reception desk
  • Press and magazines will be available on your digital devices
  • « Click & collect » restaurant, meal must be ordered in advance and will be served with disposable dishes
  • “Take away” lunch box will be available (sandwich, yogurt, fruit and water)
  • Schedule for stay-over service will be adapted
  • Your room may only be accessible by you and your family on request
  • For each check-out, the room will be ventilated at least 24h prior to full cleaning routine and disinfection
  • Meticulous cleaning measures have been reinforced
  • Cleaning routine may only be done in your absence
  • Common areas have been adapted to respect social distancing
  • Check-in procedures have been adapted to minimize contact and assure you a warm welcome
  • In some cases, signatures may not be requested or necessary to approve food and beverage orders
  • A meticulous cleaning routine has been defined for common areas.