Mont Blanc Tunnel: Cost, Length and Other Information

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Going on holiday to Chamonix without going through the Mont Blanc tunnel would be unthinkable! This incredible structure meets with the centreline of the Aiguille du Midi, running underneath the massif to connect the Chamonix and Aosta Valleys. How long is the Mont Blanc tunnel, you might ask? Long enough to have been considered the longest in the world when it was inaugurated in 1965. All this to illustrate just how unique this attraction is. Here is all the information you will need to organise your trip through the Alpine massif.

Prices and Regulations to Go Through the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Going through the Mont Blanc tunnel for the first time is like a true adventure! If you are staying at our Chamonix Hotel, you’ll only be 10 minutes away from the entrance, where you will find the border crossing point and toll gates. Once you’ve taken care of formalities, you can just wait for the signal before driving into the tunnel.

How long is the Mont Blanc tunnel? Exactly 11.6 kilometres (or 7.2 miles), which implies several regulations. Your minimum driving speed should always be above 50 km/h (31 mph) and below 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and the distance between your car and the vehicle in front should remain over 150 metres (492 feet). How can you make sure? Every 150 m, the Mont Blanc tunnel is equipped with blue traffic lights that turn on automatically as cars drive past. Before you drive on, you can check that the car in front has made it far enough.

To go through the Mont Blanc tunnel, the cost varies based on whether you buy a single or a return ticket as well as the type of vehicle. They’re also not exactly the same if you enter the tunnel in France or in Italy. From France to Italy, for instance, a car will need to pay €46.30 for a one-way ticket. From Italy to France, the same trip will cost you €47.10.

However, if you plan on driving back within 7 days, your trip through the Mont Blanc tunnel will cost you less if you opt for a return ticket rather than if you pay for two singles. Light-duty vehicles need to pay €57.80 entering from the French side and €58.80 from the Italian side. If you want to cross the border several times, driving through the Mont Blanc tunnel will cost even less if you go for a 10-ticket package, for instance, as the latter is prices at €144.50.


What to Do Near the Mont Blanc Tunnel?

Though driving through the Mont Blanc tunnel is well worth it, the experience naturally does not offer an amazing view. However, on either side of the structure, breathtaking landscapes await you. Winter activities in Chamonix include, as you would expect, the immensity of the skiing area. You can go and admire the fairylike ice waterfalls or step into the void at the top of the Aiguille du Midi. From up there, you can even see the Aosta Valley, on the other side of the Mont Blanc tunnel. And, don’t forget to take a well-deserved break at our mountain spa. Wonderful skin care inspired by the ocean promises a moment of pure bliss amid the sublime setting of the Mont Blanc.

On the Italian side, the entrance of the tunnel is only 5 km away from Courmayeur. This well-known spot has one of the most remarkable cable cars you’ll ever see, which will take you all the way up to the glass structure at the top. Prepare to be amazed: the 360° panorama is truly exceptional! While you are here, take a moment to visit the town on foot or on board the small train.

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