The Must Have for this Winter : find out the two skis !

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For this new season, find out the two skis with which you will hurtle down the snowy slopes…

While the stations are putting the finishing touches to the preparations for the ski season opening, we invite you to discover the “must have skis” which will make you hurtle down the tracks without worry and make you enjoy your ski stay.

Discover without further the two skis of this season.

For Him, the Cham 117 and for Her, the Cham W 87.

The Cham 117 is the latest in the series, with a width of 117mm under your feet.  It was developed with the aid of Aurélien Ducroz, two times Free Ride World Champion.  Destined for good skiers, it is the ideal ski for those wonderful powder days. The Cham 117 is available in 180 cm or 190 cm.  It has a turning arc of 22 m and the widths are 147 cm, 117 cm and 127 cm.

The Cham W 87 is the ski of choice for those good and very good skiers who enjoy both on and off-piste skiing.  Light, colourful and stylish they are a must for all adventurous women. The Cham W 87 is available in four sizes: 152 cm, 159 cm, 166 cm and 172 cm.  It has a turning arc of 11 m and the widths are 127 cm, 87 cm and 130 cm.

Follow the Cham’Lines with Aurélien Ducroz

Aurélien Ducroz was born in Chamonix and is two times Free Ride World Champion.  He invites you to join him, by portable camera, for a 2 and a half minute, hair raising, adrenaline pumping, experience as he makes fresh tracks discovering the mythical slopes of Chamonix.

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