Hiking and snowshoeing in Chamonix

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There are tennis rackets, ping-pong rackets and even beach rackets… And then there are mountain rackets, more commonly known as snowshoes. The snowshoes are placed on the feet to be able to enjoy walks in the forest in complete safety. At Le Refuge des Aiglons, we are passionate about snowshoeing… And we hope you will be too!

Is there a difference between hiking and snowshoeing?


Yes, but it’s only a difference in shoes! Unlike hiking, which only requires good walking shoes, snowshoeing needs a bit more equipment. Nothing extravagant, don’t worry! Only small oval-shaped snowshoes, adapted to your height and weight. They are the ultimate must-have to be able to walk without getting your feet stuck in large banks of snow. As far as cardio is concerned, snowshoes hikes are similar to normal hikes. The goal? Simply to enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh mountain air.


Where to go snowshoeing in Chamonix?


Want to try something different from skiing ? Snowshoeing in Chamonix is a great activity. Ideal for admiring the Vallée Blanche from a new angle, you can enjoy this activity with family or friends. But where can you go snowshoeing in Chamonix?

  •       La Boucle des Tignes : In 1h10, you will discover a quiet walk, ideal for beginners. Located near the village of Les Bois, this itinerary is particularly recommended for families with young children. What’s in it for you? A magnificent view of Les Drus.
  •       Le Circuit du Golf : Shorter (about 40min.), this walk is very popular with photography enthusiasts. The reason? The snow is immaculate and shiny white. It’s almost like being in a dream or on a movie set!
  •       La Boucle du glacier des Bossons : A little more complex, this snowshoe hike in Chamonix will appeal to the sportier hikers. Count on 1h40 (round trip) to do this exceptional hike, in the heart of the forest. It is said that wild animals can be seen in their natural habitat… So be careful and, above all, don’t scare them! The icing on the cake is the view of the Bossons Glacier at the finish line.


Is a guide necessary to go snowshoeing in Chamonix?


In theory no, in practice… We highly recommend it. It is not so much because the paths are dangerous, quite the contrary. All the places for snowshoeing are marked out and very safe. But from the point of view of discovery, the presence of a guide is always very pleasant. As a mountain professional and nature lover, he or she will be able to lead you to the most incredible spots and tell you great anecdotes about the place in question. Once you’ve adopted a guide, it’s hard to do without them!


Other places to snowshoe near Chamonix


During your stay in Chamonix, don’t hesitate to discover the surrounding area on snowshoes. Nowadays, there are many paths for snowshoeing not far from Chamonix. Among them, the most famous are in the following towns:

  •       Vallorcine : Cascade de Bérard, Boucle des Saix Blancs and Boucle des Granges;
  •       Les Houches : Belvédère du Prarion, Plateau du Prarion, Itinéraire du Col de Voza, Secteur des Chavants, Coupeau – Sentier des Cerfs ;
  •       Servoz : Boucle de la Côte au Lac Vert, Sentier des Trois Gouilles, Berges de l’Arve, Sentier de la Planchette.


If you would like to find out about other activities to do in Chamonix, we will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email.

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